Samand Steel Wheel

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IKCO Samand

The IKCO Samandis an Iranian sedan produced by IKCO. The Samand production project began in 2001 and the first car was sold in 2001. The Samand inherits the mantle of Iran’s national automobile from the Paykan, which was sold by Iran Khodro from 1967 to 2005. The Iranian-designed Samand uses the Peugeot 405 platform equipped with either IKCO-designed EF7 engines or PSA XU7JP/L3 engines, amongst others. IKCO manufactures 80% of Samand’s parts domestically, including its Iranian-designed engine. For export markets (and also the Iranian market), IKCO uses the Peugeot TU5JP4 engine. This is because the TU5 is a low-consumption and powerful engine, and because of the ease of finding its parts all over Europe, since the TU5 has been used for the Peugeot 206, Peugeot 307 and Peugeot 207. The TU5 version of Samand comes with three new options: driver airbag, pre-tensioner seatbelts, headlight height adjuster and active antenna.


Since early 2009, IKCO has used newly developed Iranian engines such as a dual-fuel national engine for its new models (EF7). In mid-2010, IKCO started to install petrol-only EF7 engines on Samand. The engineis not a petrol-based version of EF7 but the compressed natural gas (CNG) parts of the engine are removed and also the engine control unit (ECU) programme. However, the petrol-based version of the engine is currently under development. In 2009, IKCO announced that they will produce Samand with their new engine EFD in 2010; however, due to the required tests for the engine, readying the car for installing the engine on it and also lack of distribution the Euro IV diesel fuel in the country postponed the production time to 2011. On November 30, 2010 IKCO announced the major changes made in Samand compared to dual-fuel or single fuel Samands for making it compatible for installing the EFD engine on.

This main changes are: changing the radiator, installing the intercooler, water and hydraulic hoses, engine housings, exhaust system gearbox and the engine compartment insulations.


samand and Mashhad Wheel Factory

Mashhad Rim Manufacturing Company, as the largest wheel rim manufacturer in the country, is also a manufacturer of Samand wheel rims. Mashhad rim is produced with the highest quality and observance of modern European standards and has successfully passed all quality tests. Buyers can also inquire about the authenticity of the purchased product by inquiring about the code inserted on the golden hologram installed on the ring.


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