Design and Engineering Services

Industrial designs in Mashhad Wheel Manufacturing Company are carried out by professional experts who use the latest computer software (Catia and Abaqus) and state of the art structural analysis applications (CAE) through finite elements method (FEM) in order to simulate any part for comparison with actual loading conditions. The final certification of a product is carried out inside laboratories using state of the art lab instruments (CAT).

Laboratory Services

The laboratory of Mashhad Wheel Manufacturing Company is an accredited wheel testing lab (cooperating with Institute of Standard of Iran) equipped with latest technologies of the world, capable of carrying out all sorts of quality and safety tests on all kinds of products to ensure proper production. Some of the tests carried out by this lab including: bending fatigue, radial fatigue, engine subframe, salt spray, moisture, water immersion, chipping, hardness, etc. The central laboratory also has a tool and equipment calibration system to measure and monitor the performance of measurement instruments and systems. This central laboratory is capable of providing the other firms and companies with its services as requested.

Painting services

Mashhad Wheel Manufacturing Company is equipped with two cathodic electrophoresis painting lines with the latest technology from Germany, capable of painting 12 million pieces of automotive rings and parts with the highest quality. Painted parts are constantly tested in company laboratories to ensure the highest quality in the painting process. Given the high capacities of these lines, the company is capable of handling orders for painting metallic industrial parts of all kinds.

Pressing services

The pressing lines of Mashhad Wheel Manufacturing Company employ the latest generations of a diverse set of European pressing machines, ranging from 100 to 3000 tons. These are capable of producing all kinds of pressed parts for automotive and other related industries, and they can handle any order in that regard.