Steel wheels are primarily characterised by their favourable price and durability.


The advantage of this variant is also greater endurance to static and dynamic loads.

Steel wheels and rims – basic parameters

When selecting steel wheels, special attention should be paid to a few important parameters, which will allow the model to fit perfectly to our car. The diameter and width are provided in inches, where 1 inch = 2.54 cm. The bolt spacing is also important, as each car has its own specific spacing. An offset (ET, offset) is another important parameter to pay attention to. It determines the distance between the mounting plane of the rim and its vertical centre of symmetry. This distance may be either negative, positive or zero when the mounting plane is exactly on the vertical axis of symmetry. The centering opening, on the other hand, enables the rim to be precisely centred on the car hub. Its diameter is provided in millimetres.

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