Quality Policy

Mashad Wheel Mfg.Co. as the first and largest active company in the field of steel wheel and front cradle production and other assembly lines related to its activities, by having the benefit of design capability and offering proper services has put the main focus of its activities on manufacturing and supplying parts and assemblies required by automakers. Mashad Wheel Mfg.Co. by choosing an aggressive approach towards market including automotive, aftersales and export markets, strives to create a favourable environment for participation of all employees and also a joyful and progressive atmosphere in order to pave the way for doing lucrative and competitive economic activities and also acquiring the satisfaction of its customers. Also, based on its experiences and knowledge of fourty years and taking advantage of its embedded and tacid managerial knowledge, this company for obtaining the largest market share based on production approach and offering a world class services, is trying to take steps towards a sustainable development and satisfying all beneficiaries. To this end, this company attempts to expand the necessary and adequate accountability at the different levels of the organization by training and maintaining a competent and expert manpower and promoting their positions by granting them appropriate authority. This company focuses on creativity and innovation as a better and ultimate choice for dominating the market and by choosing this innovative approach, it puts the opportunity of creating customer-friendly values at the top of its agenda. It is crystal clear that this company in order to be ensured about the process of its movement towards success will always put in its agenda the maximum use of efficient management tools which have been adapted to the culture and industrial environment of our country such as 5S, suggestion and incentive systems, integrated management, enhancing felexibility, monitoring and continuous monitoring of key indicators concerning success and organizational excellence. The selection of the quality management system in accordance with ISO TS16949 as a substantial requirement of this move along with my unconditional commitment to all of the company's employees, assures customers of the company to use our products with high satisfaction and to reap the benefits of various services provided by Mashad Wheel Mfg.Co. in the valuable chain of supply and production.
Mangaging Director of Mashad Wheel Mfg.Co.